Connecting East Bay businesses to capable employees with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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  • Oakland Adult Career Education
  • Castro Valley Adult School
  • Mount Diablo Adult Education
  • Pleasanton Adult Education
  • San Leandro Adult Education
  • The Stride Center
  • Oakland Unified School District
  • The County of Alameda
  • UCSF Children’s Hospital Oakland
  • Embassy Suites/Hilton/Doubletree

“Not only do they contribute to the daily operation at LBNL by performing their job duties with skill, they’re part of a pipeline, bringing individuals with disabilities into the workforce, adding important cultural and cognitive diversity.”
Lady Idos, Senior Diversity and Inclusion Analyst, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Funded By:
  • Long’s Foundation
  • Y and H Soda Foundation
  • Regional Center of the East Bay
  • California Department of Rehabilitation
  • Oakland Private Industry Council
  • Alameda County Workforce Investment Board